MinkMod.com Fur processing equipment, Mink Tools.

At MinkMod.com we develop and produce equipment to better handle the feeding, grading, weighing, and harvest processing of Mink and other fur bearing product.

We Produce:


Stainless Steel Feed Containers


Rolled Tube Grading Carts


Rolled Tube Weighing Carts


Carcase Tumbling Systems


Walkway Systems for Feed Containers



There are many aspects in dealing with animal fur for human clothing needs, housing, the method of food storage and use of feeding delivery systems, grading of the quality of the fur at different points during the growth process, weighing the animal to determine fur content, and finally handling the fur during harvest and preparation for sales.

We have the capability to adjust any type of equipment you need or want to your specific requirements.

Check out what we have and contact us if you need information or help in anyway.

carcase tumbler

Carcase tumbler, with pneumatics base and variable speed controls.

weighing cart
grading cart
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